GAL/EPROM and µP programming device

GAL/EPROM and µP programming device

Produktbeskrivning GAL/EPROM and µP programming device: GALEP-IV is a pocket-sized professional universal programming device. And independently developed ASIC pin driver offers a numerous range of options that are normally only found on expensive top-of-the-range devices: GALEP can program EPROMs, EEPROMs, Flash-EPROMs, serial EEPROMs, microcontrollers, GALs and PALCEs without the need for additional adapters or expansion boards. Low-voltage modules up to 1.3 V are supported. GALEP is not much larger than a computer mouse (115 x 80 x 33 mm). If you need to operate the device without a power supply, you can use batteries to run it for up to 8 hours, making the device extremely portable. It is simply connected to the printer port on a PC or laptop computer. In addition to basic functions such as reading, programming, synchronizing and deleting, the software provides user-friendly configuration options for the special functions of the selected module. The Editor program provides a number of options for editing the code in the module, which can be loaded or saved in binary, Intel hex, Motorola-S or Jedec file formats. The power consumption and correct position of the component is tested before each action. This makes it almost impossible to damage a component or the device through misuse. COM objects also allow GALEP to be controlled by your own programs, e.g. those written in Visual Basic. New components can be downloaded into the application for free, ensuring that GALEP is kept up-to-date for the years to come. GALEP's unparalled flexibility is made possible because of the special hardware it uses. All pins on the 40-pin programming socket are equal and provide three seperately configurable voltages up to 25 V, ground, clock, configurable pull-up / pull-down resistors as well as logic on-outputs with bidirectional level shifters for low-voltage modules. The internal logic of GALEP is freely programmable using a highly integrated FPGA and is optimized for each selected module. This allows all components to be programmed or read at the optimum speed.

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  • EAN-kod: 4040596001001
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