MSP 430 micro-controllers

MSP 430 micro-controllers

Produktbeskrivning MSP 430 micro-controllers: In addition to their tremendous computing power of up to 16 MHz or MIPS MSP430 micro-controllers from Texas Instruments have extremely low power consumption. Applications can thus be operated over a period of many years with a single button cell. The basis for this is the flexible clock pulse system that allows the CPU to resume very quickly from low power modes. Hereby the internal oscillator provides the full computing power completely without external components. The 16-bit RISC architecture comes with just 27 basic instructions that can be quickly learned, which allows very effective programmes both in Assembler and C. The micro-controller has a flash memory that can be automatically programmed through the controller. No special programming voltages are required. The micro-controller can be programmed and debugged in the application via JTAG!

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  • EAN-kod: 2050000056468
  • Märke: Texas Instruments
  • Del: Styck

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