ST 902 Vacuum station

ST 902 Vacuum station

Produktbeskrivning ST 902 Vacuum station: No soldering workshop is complete without this soldering station add-on. Developed to allow professional-quality desoldering. Infinite adjustment of the vacuum pump and push button controls, which can easily be attached to any soldering iron handle, makeing it even easier to use. The desoldering attachment is simple to change, like a soldering tip, and is ready for use with the soldering iron within moments. An excellent feature is the rugged desoldering attachment, in which the flow of heat is concentrated at the desoldering nozzle, making handling even simpler. This unit can be used to convert any soldering station to a desoldering station, providing that it uses the appropriate solder tips. Electronic setting of the air quantity supplied up to 350 l/h and a max. vacuum of 0.35 bar.

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