Produktbeskrivning OSCILLOSCOPE HM 507_: A special feature of these devices is the high transmission quality of the measurement amplifier and the triggering operation, already stable at 5 mm display height, with which signals which are far above the limiting frequency can be displayed without problems. Additional features are 9 storage spots for compl. device setup, which can be saved and recalled with the save/recall buttons as well as over the calibration menu. Also to be noted is the switchable 1 kHz/1 MHz calibrator with which the transmission quality of the overall signal path can be constantly controlled. The max. sampling rates are 100 and 200 MS/s. These allow single processes to be represented at 10 or 20 MHz in real time. Changes which occur over longer acquisition periods are preferably displayed in envelope mode or average mode. Furthermore, there are 2 reference storage areas available, whose content can be compared at any time with newly captured signals. The HM 507 is equipped with a frequency counter (0.5 Hz to 100 MHz).

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Pris: 16450.00 SEK

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  • EAN-kod: 4250138100097
  • Märke: Hameg Instruments
  • Del: Styck

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