SIEMENS soft starter 3RW3

SIEMENS soft starter 3RW3

Produktbeskrivning SIEMENS soft starter 3RW3: The 3RW3 electronic soft starters from the SIRIUS-3R system kit have been developed for soft run-up and slow-down of DC motors. They protect mechanical components connected to the electric motor, from the bearings to the gearbox, by reducing the run-up torque. In addition, the power supply and the electric motor itself are protected against unsafe currents and voltage spikes during motor run-up and slow-down. The 3RW3 soft starters are small, inexpensive and can be easily combined with the SIRIUS contactors, power switches and overload relays.

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Pris: 1845.00 SEK

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  • EAN-kod: 4011209402096
  • Märke: Siemens
  • Del: Styck

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