MEMprog2 programmer

MEMprog2 programmer

Produktbeskrivning MEMprog2 programmer: MEMprog2 is a small, powerful programmer for all common EPROM, EEPROM, Flash EPROM and serial EPROMs with up to 40 pins. There is also an integrated function for checking static RAM chips. Operating and programming voltages can be adjusted digitally enabling LV devices to be programmed as well. Data verification using an adjustable VCC (over/under voltage) ensures long-term data preservation in the device. Programming is extremely fast thanks to the powerful FPGA-based hardware and USB 2.0 port. When a chip is inserted, the programmer checks that it is inserted correctly and that each pin is in contact. MEMprog2 can run on an IBM® PC, laptop or desktop PC. MEMprog2 can be upgraded to a fully-featured SmartProg2 with the Xprogr2 upgrade kit. The Xprog2 upgrade kit is not included with MEMprog2, and can be ordered separatey on request.

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Pris: 3745.00 SEK

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  • EAN-kod: 2050000366512
  • Märke: Elnec
  • Del: Styck

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