T51prog2 programmer

T51prog2 programmer

Produktbeskrivning T51prog2 programmer: T51prog2 is a small, powerful, portable programmer for MCS51 series and Atmel-AVR microcontrollers. The programmer is equipped with a 40 pin ZIF socket. Technologically advanced FPGA-controlled pin drivers support a large number of programmable components. Programming speed is also 10 times faster. The T51prog2 programmer also permits in-circuit programming (ISP cable is included). Another plus in favour of this programmer is its user-friendly software. T51prog2 can run on an IBM® PC, laptop or desktop PC. The programmer is connected to a PC through a USB 2.0 port. T51prog2 can be upgraded to a fully-featured SmartProg2 with the Xprogr2 upgrade kit. The Xprog2 upgrade kit is not included with T51prog2 but can be ordered separately on request.

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Pris: 3745.00 SEK

Övrig produktinformation om T51prog2 programmer:

  • EAN-kod: 2050000366505
  • Märke: Elnec
  • Del: Styck

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